BSD Education

Virtual Technology Classes

Our Virtual Technology Classes cover coding, game development, tech entrepreneurship and app development.

Our classes focus on learning and mastering real-world skills while allowing learners to dive into their interests in technology.

How It Works

Choose a Tech Class

Get to choose from various classes in coding, game development and more, whichever you want to learn!

Get Your Class Details

After signing up, you’ll receive details on all your classes and how to join them using video conference tool Zoom and our learning platform BSD Online.

Learn with our Instructors

Attend your classes to learn with your classmates and our instructors through voice, video, chat and screenshare options with Zoom*.

Create with New Digital Skills

During and after your classes, you will get to use your new skills to build your own tech projects, be it an AI game or a designed presentation deck

The Virtual Learning Journey




Learn coding languages, understand tech concepts to master digital skills

Create various digital projects and grow your own comprehensive tech portfolio

Apply newly learned digital skills to the real world and share your portfolio

Why Code ?

Coding is more than just a tech skill. It empowers you to push beyond being just consumers of technology to become creators and innovators of the future. Learners engaged in coding projects and activities also develop a wide range of soft skills such as logic, problem-solving, communication and creativity.

Most importantly, technology skills have become critical to equip you for the demands and requirements of the future.

Real World Skills

Our tech projects focus on equipping kids with three of the most versatile and widely-used coding languages of today – HTML, CSS and JavaScript, along with other soft skills that coding brings! These will allow them to build their own multi page websites, fun 2D gamesinnovative apps and many more.