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About Us


EDUSTEEMS Sdn Bhd is a content & solution provider on STEEMS (Science, Technology, Engineering, English, Mathematics and Social Studies) education and STEM Education Business Opportunity Provider & Consultant in Malaysia.

EDUSTEEMS Sdn Bhd power educators, learning centers and entrepreneurs to lunch their STEM education business using EDUSTEEMS cutting edge business model and curriculum tools for success.


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Teachers don’t usually have a tech background and so can see it as risky and unfamiliar. Professional development for an area that is new and technical can be hard to access.

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Technology is constantly changing. Curriculum can therefore become quickly outdated.

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Teachers don’t have a large community of practice or peers to learn from and share ideas.


EDUSTEEMS Sdn Bhd help teachers bring Technology Education into their classrooms, including coding into all subjects, made possible by your very own teachers.

EDUSTEEMS Sdn Bhd provide effective Technology Education curriculum (Programs of Learning), an online learning environment, and professional development training to empower every teacher to use technology in the classroom.

EDUSTEEMS Sdn Bhd provide free face to face training, continuously online support service. We also provide detailed lesson plan to help teacher in delivering the lesson.

Not everyone will be a programmer, but everyone will work with Technology.


The world is changing around us. Digital technology has become a core part of our everyday lives. Advances in technology impact everything, especially the world of work. Entire job sectors are emerging or disappearing, and work forces are rushing to keep up with change.

The STEM education is considered to be a fast-growing market where in 5 years, the K12 in-school market size is estimated to achieve 1.48 billion USD (RM6.02 billion) and the after-school market size, 1.74 billion USD (RM7.08 billion), according to Market Research Report.

As a STEM content & solution provider, EDUSTEEMS Sdn Bhd offers a competitive business opportunity for its partners with its effective program and strong support.

EduSTEEMS LOGO Ver.2.0 (2)