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EDUSTEEMS Sdn Bhd is a content & solution provider on STEEMS
(Science, Technology, Engineering, English, Mathematics and Social Studies) education and STEEMS Education Business Opportunity
Provider & Consultant in Malaysia.

EDUSTEEMS Sdn Bhd power educators, learning centers and entrepreneurs to launch their STEM education business using EDUSTEEMS cutting edge business model and curriculum tools for success.


The nature of universe, where everything comes from


Tools and innovative devices, uses and enhanced skills


Purposeful innovation, creation and analysis


The system of communication used by people in a particular country or type of work


Fact organizing base language, solve problems involving measurement and estimation

Social Studies

Course for younger students that includes many of the social sciences

EduSTEEMS LOGO Ver.2.0 (2)

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The world is changing around us. Digital technology has become a core part of our everyday lives. Advances in technology impact everything, especially the world of work. Entire job sectors are emerging or disappearing, and work forces are rushing to keep up with change.

What our Clients Say about our programs

Quite impressive, I played my kid's game creation yesterday night. The coach teach him to code whatever he wants! That's great!
Ben's Mum
Platformer Game Creation
I have been learning coding for four years. About eight months ago, I started learning through BSD. I want to use this opportunity to spread my enthusiasm for coding.
VTC - Codepacks
CodeMonkey Malaysia is fantastic! It's coding is fun and interesting, it also train your thinking skills! I really recommend it!
Asher Wong
Coding Olympics 2020
Jayden really enjoy coding and very excited while awaiting for classes. He really loves Coding!
Jayden's Mum
VTC - Codepacks