Edusteems Technovator Coding Course

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EDUSTEEMS – Technovator Subscription Plan (Annual Plan, 12 months)

Each course is up to 25 hours and explores themes like, website development, game development, App Development, VR and even AI.

Each course is centered around a series of guided projects that students work through to learn new digital skills. Once the guided projects are completed, students can customize their projects and share them as a portfolio of work. Along the way students will learn additional skills in design thinking, computational thinking and digital citizenship.

EDUSTEEMS – Technovator Subscription Plan (Annual Plan, 12 months)

Course Descriptions
First Steps in Coding [Beginner]

Gain an understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and get a solid head start in website development! Using real-world technology, students will create websites and web-based applications.

First Steps in Game Development [Beginner]

This course is the perfect introductory experience for learning digital skills in the world of gaming and programming. They will pick up valuable skills along the way such as planning, designing game assets and creating digital special effects.

Mobile Game Developer [Intermediate]

In this intermediate course, students will learn to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build games that can be played on both desktop and mobile devices.

Using the EDUSTEEMS Online learning platform, students will build a total of five different games — a platformer, a trac game, a nonogram puzzle game, a battle game, and a jumping game.

Code the Future with Artificial Intelligence [Advanced]

From self-driving cars to entertainment recommendations, AI is a part of our future. There is no better time to start learning how AI works.

Students will use Machine Learning and code to develop and train their own vision recognition system and explore how Machine Learning can be applied to art, music, games and digital assistants by making and programming AI projects.

Code Your Own World with VR [Advanced]

From forests to Mars, students will bring their imaginations to life by coding their own virtual reality world. They will code and add their own customized textures, elements and interactions to complete their realistic simulated 3D environments.

Build your Tech Startup [Beginner]

For aspiring technologists, this start-up course teaches students about cutting-edge new technologies to help them innovate a fresh new tech startup idea.

Following this, students will identify a real-world problem that they would like to solve. Through design thinking activities and their newly acquired coding skills, they will design and prototype a working tech solution. Working independently or in small teams, students will then develop a business plan, company brand, and digital online presence.

First Steps in Python [Beginner]

In this introductory course for beginners, students will learn the basics of coding in Python. The course will focus on learning Python syntax, structure and parameters and then use the knowledge and skills to build two projects

Using the Edusteems Online learning platform, students will be guided through learning about Python basics like, variables, data types, conditional logic, math operators and loops.

The first part of the course is designed to be self-guided with activities and practice with syntax and using the console. Then students will build a birth date-to-now calculator and an encoder/decoder.