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CodePacks is a guided, project-based, online subscription for your kids to learn coding with live support from their own Personal Tech Coaches!

CodePacks projects are focused on teaching kids the three of the most versatile and widely-used coding languages of today – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Your kids will get to learn the fundamentals of code and gain a good understanding of technology, while working on various coding projects such as building websites, creating games, developing apps and many more!

The projects have also been designed to allow your kids learn coding on their own, at their own pace, in their own time, in the comfort of their own home.The platform allows Tech Coaches to check what your kids are working on, identify where they need help and immediately provide guidance and support – all while including you (parents) in the communication. This way, you are informed and involved in your kids progress and development.

Why Code?

Coding is more than just a tech skill, it empowers your kids to push beyond being just consumers of technology to becoming creators and innovators of the future. Coding allows them to understand the world around them, and equips them with the tools to enhance or make new sustainable solutions to problems they see.

Guided Tech Projects

CodePacks teach kids to learn coding through fun and engaging tech projects hosted on our learning platform BSD OnlineOur tech projects are equipped with step-by-step instructions, interactive glossary cards for coding concepts, automatic code-checker, and more for a smooth learning experience.

Learn at your own pace, anywhere,
any time

Learning to code has never been so flexible. CodePacks is hosted on learning platform BSD Online that is easily accessible through browsers Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox – no downloads needed. Your kids can choose to code wherever and whenever they'd like as long as there is a stable wifi connection! 

Real World Skills

Our tech projects focus on equipping kids with three of the most versatile and widely-used coding languages of today – HTML, CSS and JavaScript, along with other soft skills that coding brings! These will allow them to build their own multi page websites, fun 2D gamesinnovative apps and many more.

Curriculum trusted by the best
schools in the world

For more than 6 years, BSD Education has been collaborating with the best school in the world to help them integrate Technology Education into their classrooms, for any subject. Our curricula and after school programs are used and trusted by more than 160 schools worldwide.

Our Approach to Learning


Your kids will learn coding languages and other tech concepts as they work on completing tech projects. Our Tech Coaches are available to provide support and guidance whenever they need!


Your kids will create and code various projects, and gain more experience and confidence in creating tech solutions. We hope to inspire them to create solutions for problems they encounter!


Your kids will use the skills they've learned to personalize completed projects and apply them to the real world. They can also freely share their work and projects stored in their portfolio.

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