Elite Coder is a 3-level certification programme organised by SINGAPORE SCIENCE CENTRE GLOBAL and MANGOSTEEMS, in partnership with EDUSTEEMS Malaysia. The Elite Coder is the FIRST standardised assessment in Singapore to benchmark a student’s coding competency and provides a useful checkpoint to gather insights on proficiency levels.

Upon completing each assessment level, students will receive: 

  • Scorecard indicating level of proficiency
  • E-certification awarded by Singapore Science Centre Global

About Elite coder

Elite Coder has been developed based on CSTA K–12 Computer Science Standards, an internationally recognised set of standards outlining the skills and knowledge students need to grow and thrive in the digital world.
The Elite Coder Assessment is structured into three distinct levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, catering to a progressive learning journey in coding.
For young enthusiasts, the Elite Coder Junior serves as an essential foundation, paving the way for the comprehensive Elite Coder Assessment.


Coding essential foundation:
#Sequence & Objects
#Simple Loops
#Simple Conditional Statement


Coding Fundamentals:
#Simple Loops (times loop)
#Array and Indexes
#For Loops


Intermediate Coding Concepts:
#Conditional Loops (until)
#Conditional Statements (if, if-else)
#Boolean Operators (and, or)


Advanced Coding Concepts:
#Boolean Operator (not)
#Comparison Operators (==, <, >)
#Functions with return
#Events (keyboard, mouse move, mouse click)

  1. Students interested in Elite Coder can sign up for a preparatory course offered by our authorised training partners.
  2. Upon completing the course, students will take the Elite Coder assessment held at the authorised assessment centre.
  3. After the assessment, students will receive a scorecard from CodeMonkey and e-certificate from Singapore Science Centre Global.

For more information about Elite Coder, please reach out to us at Whatsapp +6011 1960 7299 or mlc@edusteems.com

About The Programme

Each assessment level, which includes:

    • Preparatory training by authorised training partners
    • Assessment conducted at authorised training centres (valued at MYR200)
    • Scorecard from CodeMonkey and e-certification from Singapore Science Centre Global

*Please note that separate programme fee is chargeable for Junior, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Authorised Training Partners and Assessment Centres

mangoSTEEMS Learning Centre by EduSTEEMS
#51-01, Jalan Austin Heights 3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Alphakidz Edu 
#4A & 4B, Jalan Botani 3/6, Taman Eco Botanic, 79100 Iskandar Puteri, Johor.

Pusat Tuisyen Seri Mutiara 
#33A, Jalan Putra 2/23, Taman Bandar Putra, 85000 Segamat, Johor.

Happy Brain Enterprise
#S/L 2, 1st Floor, Offlot 9897, Mendu Commercial Centre, Jalan Mendu 93200 Kuching, Sarawak.


Elite Coder Junior is open to student 6 & 7 Years Old.
Elite Coder is open to student from 8 to 17 Years Old.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Coder is the first formalized assessment in Singapore issued by Singapore Science Centre Global and MangoSTEEMS, in partnership with EduSTEEMS Malaysia.

The assessment is designed to map student’s mastery of coding fundamentals at 3 different levels – basic, intermediate, and advanced. The assessment has been developed based on CSTA K–12 Computer Science Standards, an internationally recognized set of standards outlining the skills and knowledge students need to grow and thrive in the digital world.

Upon completing each assessment level, students will receive a scorecard indicating their level of proficiency and a e-certification awarded by Singapore Science Centre Global.

CSTA standards are based on industry best practices, so students who learn to code using these standards will be better prepared for future careers in computer science. By learning industry-standard coding practices at a young age, students will be better equipped to succeed in college, internships, and jobs in the technology industry.

In summary, coding standards such as CSTA for K-12 students are important because they provide consistency, quality, collaboration, and industry relevance in coding practices. By following these standards, students can become better coders and more successful in their future careers.

The Elite Coder program uses the CodeMonkey platform. CodeMonkey is an AWARD-WINNING online platform that teaches kids real coding languages like CoffeeScript and Python. Children and teenagers learn block-based and text-based coding through an engaging game-like environment.

Elite Coder is a 3-level certification program. Students will need to take the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced assessments before being awarded Certified Elite Coder certification. 

Edusteems Malaysia works with a network of authorised training partners to provide preparatory courses to ensure that students are familiar with the content covered under Elite Coder assessment. The assessments will also be conducted at the venue of the authorised training partners.

There is no time limit on how long the student needs to take to complete the whole certification. 

However, it is advisable to avoid delaying your child’s certification completion for an extended period of time (exceeding one year) as this can disrupt their progress.

The assessment for all levels will take one hour. Assessment including MCQ (Multi-Choice Question) and Quiz (Challenges). The assessment will be conducted at the premise of the authorised training partners.

Coding Olympics only covers topics of the Elite Program Basic level. For students who have attended Coding Olympics preparatory lessons, they may skip the basic level training and attempt the assessment based on the recommendation of the authorised training partners. Training is still required for the Intermediate and Advanced levels before attempting any related assessments.

Yes, we will charge MYR200 for each assessment level.
*Student must proven that already completed all the topics.

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For any enquiries on Elite Coder Assessment, reach out to us through this online form OR email us mlc@edusteems.com OR whataspp us +6011 1960 7299.