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Coding Olympics is to LEARN PRACTICE COMPETE computer programming skills.

The Coding Olympics 2023 - Singapore Edition

Coding is one of the most significant communication language in the world. Schools, teachers and parents value coding as an important part of education in Malaysia, in order to catch up the era of digitalization. Students can develop their lifelong skills, such as problem solving, creativity and logical thinking through coding.

Coding Olympics
(aka Coding Competition)  provides a great opportunity for students to train up their computational skill and have fun. Coding Olympics has been running in many countries, such as USA, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and others. This year, Singapore will be place holding official online Coding Olympics again.

Push your child’s potential by signing up for Singapore’s Coding Olympics proudly organized by Singapore Science Centre Global and mangoSTEEMS. Coding Olympics (aka Coding Competition) aims to develop computational thinking skills, foster creativity and improve academic performance.

Coding Olympics Objectives

  • Build collaborative skills
  • Solve problem using programming tools
  • Develop computational thinking
  • Be a competent coder

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